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Пока пройдусь по основным файлам.

1.- wesnoth.po
      отвечает за перевод следующих файлов:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---\data\advanced_preferences.cfg
--- Конец кода ---
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--- Код: ---#: data/_main.cfg:22
msgid "Custom"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:136
msgid "Editor recent files limit"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:137
msgid "The maximum number of items to display on the Recent Files menu in the editor"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:147
msgid "Show color cursors"
msgstr "Показать цвета курсора"

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:148
msgid "Use colored mouse cursors"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:155
msgid "Graphics scaling options"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:161
msgid "Customize orb colors"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:167
msgid "Logging"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:173
msgid "Allow damage calculation with Monte Carlo simulation"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:174
msgid "Allow the damage calculation window to simulate fights instead of using exact probability calculations"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:181
msgid "Show haloing effects"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:182
msgid "Show special unit graphical effects"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:199
msgid "Joystick support"
msgstr "Поддержка джойстика"

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:206
msgid "Joystick: number of the scroll X-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:216
msgid "Joystick: number of the scroll X-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:226
msgid "Joystick: number of the scroll Y-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:236
msgid "Joystick: number of the scroll Y-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:246
msgid "Joystick: deadzone of the scrolling stick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:256
msgid "Joystick: number of the cursor X-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:266
msgid "Joystick: number of the cursor X-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:276
msgid "Joystick: number of the cursor Y-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:286
msgid "Joystick: number of the cursor Y-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:296
msgid "Joystick: deadzone of the cursor stick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:306
msgid "Joystick: number of the mouse X-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:316
msgid "Joystick: number of the mouse X-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:326
msgid "Joystick: number of the mouse Y-axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:336
msgid "Joystick: number of the mouse Y-axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:346
msgid "Joystick: deadzone of the mouse stick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:356
msgid "Joystick: number of the thrust axis joystick"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:366
msgid "Joystick: number of the thrust axis"
msgstr ""

#: data/advanced_preferences.cfg:376
msgid "Joystick: deadzone of the thruster"
msgstr ""

#: data/cores.cfg:5
msgid "Wesnoth (Default)"
msgstr ""

#: data/cores.cfg:8
msgid "Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played. Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir... step into the boots of a young officer sent to guard a not-so-sleepy frontier outpost... lead a brutal quest to unite the orcish tribes... vanquish a horde of undead warriors unleashed by a foul necromancer, who also happens to have taken your brother hostage... guide a band of elvish survivors in an epic quest to find a new home... get revenge on the orcs by using the foul art of necromancy...\n\nThere are at least two hundred unit types, sixteen races, seven major factions, and hundreds of years of history.\n\n"
msgstr ""

#: data/cores.cfg:12
msgid "(17 Single Player Campaigns with 211 Scenarios,\nOne Multiplayer Campaign with 14 Scenarios,\n7 Factions battling on 46 Multiplayer Maps/Scenarios,\n500+ Add-ons.)"
msgstr ""

#: data/scenario-test.cfg:180 data/scenario-test.cfg:467
msgid "longbow"
msgstr ""

#: data/core/macros/items.cfg:276
msgid "$unit.name has no need for this Holy Water! Let another take it."
msgstr ""

#: data/core/macros/items.cfg:516
msgid "$unit.name cannot use this Storm Trident! Let one of the merfolk who can wield it have it."
msgstr ""

#: data/core/macros/objective-utils.cfg:30
msgid "Optional objective:"
msgstr ""

#: data/core/macros/objective-utils.cfg:58
msgid "No turn limit"
msgstr ""

#: data/hardwired/fonts.cfg:36
msgid "Lato-Regular.ttf,DejaVuSans.ttf,Andagii.ttf,DroidSansJapanese.ttf,DroidSansFallbackFull.ttf,Junicode-Regular.ttf"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:463
msgid "pause after current move"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:525 data/themes/_initial.cfg:677
msgid "Next Move"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:526 data/themes/_initial.cfg:678
msgid "play single move"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:549
msgid "Continue Play"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:550
msgid "Exit the replay mode and continue playing normally."
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/_initial.cfg:622
msgid "pause"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/classic.cfg:11
msgid "theme^Classic"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/classic.cfg:13
msgid "The classic, pre-1.12 theme"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/classic.cfg:412
msgid "statuspanel^level"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/classic.cfg:442
msgid "statuspanel^moves"
msgstr ""

#: data/themes/classic.cfg:451
msgid "statuspanel^terrain def."
msgstr ""

--- Конец кода ---

Подправлено и обновлено. На данный момент переведено 98%:

2.- wesnoth-multiplayer.po
      отвечает за перевод следующих файлов:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---\multiplayer\eras.cfg

--- Конец кода ---
     в нём отсутствовали переводы таких строк:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---#: multiplayer/eras.cfg:83
msgid "Default + Dunefolk"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/eras.cfg:84
msgid "SPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFYAn era featuring an additional faction besides the six factions from Default Era. Dunefolk units rely on careful use of terrain and coordinated strikes around dusk or dawn.\nSPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFY\nSPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFYThis era is still under development, so please be sure to report any problems that arise."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/eras.cfg:94
msgid "Age of Heroes + Dunefolk"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/eras.cfg:95
msgid "SPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFYAn era featuring an additional faction besides the six factions from Age of Heroes Era. Dunefolk units rely on careful use of terrain and coordinated strikes around dusk or dawn.\nSPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFY\nSPECIAL_NOTES_PETRIFYThis era is still under development, so please be sure to report any problems that arise."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/drakes-aoh.cfg:14 multiplayer/factions/drakes-default.cfg:14
msgid "The <bold>text='Drakes'</bold> are a faction of dragon-like <ref>text='Drakes' dst='..race_drake'</ref> and their lizard <ref>text='Saurian' dst='..race_lizard'</ref> allies. Drakes are descendants of dragons, but smaller in size. Saurians are considerably smaller than Drakes and from different ancestry. Together, the Drake faction has high mobility but low defense, leading to unusual tactics for a <ref>text='Default Era' dst='..era_era_default'</ref> faction."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/dunefolk-aoh.cfg:4 multiplayer/factions/dunefolk-default.cfg:4
msgid "Dunefolk"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/dunefolk-aoh.cfg:14 multiplayer/factions/dunefolk-default.cfg:14
msgid "The <bold>text='Dunefolk'</bold> are a faction of humans from the deserts and hills of the southern lands. The Dunefolk specialize in using terrain features to coordinate attacks at dawn or dusk. Their ranks boast lawful and liminal units, healers, high-accuracy melee fighters, and fearsome horse-mounted archers. While Dunefolk units tend to be more expensive than those of the Loyalist faction, they make up for this with high mobility — especially on hilly terrains."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/knalgans-aoh.cfg:13 multiplayer/factions/knalgans-default.cfg:13
msgid "The <bold>text='Knalgan Alliance'</bold> is a faction of <ref>text='Dwarves' dst='..race_dwarf'</ref> and their outlaw <ref>text='Human' dst='..race_human'</ref> allies. Dwarves are an old race who live underground and have tough, but short, warriors. The outlaws are humans who are not socially acceptable among others of their race, but have become allies of the dwarves due to common enemies. This leads to a combination of tough and defensive dwarves who are only good on certain terrain and humans who can cover ground that dwarves are not good at fighting in."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/loyalists-aoh.cfg:14 multiplayer/factions/loyalists-default.cfg:14
msgid "The <bold>text='Loyalists'</bold> are a faction of <ref>text='Humans' dst='..race_human'</ref> who are loyal to the throne of Wesnoth. Humans are a versatile race who specialize in many different areas. Similarly, the Loyalist faction is a very versatile melee-oriented faction with important ranged support from bowmen and mages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/rebels-aoh.cfg:14 multiplayer/factions/rebels-default.cfg:14
msgid "The <bold>text='Rebels'</bold> are a faction of <ref>text='Elves' dst='..race_elf'</ref> and their various forest-dwelling allies. They get their human name, Rebels, from the time of Heir to the Throne, when they started the rebellion against the evil Queen Asheviere. Elves are a magical race that are masters of the bow and are capable of living many years longer than humans. In harmony with nature, the elves find allies with the <ref>text='human' dst='..race_human'</ref> mages, certain <ref>text='merfolk' dst='..race_merman'</ref>, and tree creatures called <ref>text='Woses' dst='..race_wose'</ref>. Rebels are best played taking advantage of their high forest defense, mastery of ranged attacks, and the elves’ neutral alignment."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/factions/undead-aoh.cfg:14 multiplayer/factions/undead-default.cfg:14
msgid "The <bold>text='Undead'</bold> are a faction of <ref>text='undead' dst='..race_undead'</ref> creatures and <ref>text='human' dst='..race_human'</ref> practitioners of dark arts that usually accompany them. Often, these “Dark Adepts” are the units that do the most damage for the faction, but they have a major vulnerability — their practicing of this forbidden, evil magic has consumed all their energy and so they have no melee attack at all. The Undead are a very aggressive faction and the most powerful <ref>text='Default Era' dst='..era_era_default'</ref> faction at nighttime."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Aethermaw.cfg:293
msgid "The Great Mage Sulla has transported your armies to this bizarre nexus, and demands that you amuse her by doing battle."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Aethermaw.cfg:296
msgid "Units may not move into a hex with a rock cairn. They may, however, be recruited to, and move from, such hexes."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Aethermaw.cfg:299
msgid "Beginning on turn 4, the Great Mage Sulla will begin to unite the two halves of the battlefield. The process will be complete by the end of turn 6."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Caves_of_the_Basilisk.cfg:89 multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Sullas_Ruins.cfg:95 multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Thousand_Stings_Garrison.cfg:91
msgid "teamname^Statues"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Clearing_Gushes.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Clearing Gushes"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Dark_Forecast.cfg:252
msgid "Changes the gold worth of the enemy spawns by a certain percentage"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Hellhole.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Hellhole"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Hellhole.cfg:8
msgid "Once, the town of Myrilel was a tranquil village at the easternmost reaches of humankind. This changed forever upon the rise of the lich warlord Mal-Ravanal, who ripped a gate of unspeakable dark sorcery in the center of town as the first gathering point for his armies of death. Though Mal-Ravanal was defeated, Myrilel remains a place made desolate and ruined, the gate an eternal scar on the land that to this day summons forth legions of wandering undead."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Ruined_Passage.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Ruined Passage"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Ruined_Passage.cfg:8
msgid "The distant west has long been fabled as the homeland of all living things before it was ruined by a deluge of disasters. Legends tell of the ingenuity of the ancients in their final hours as they struggled to fight back violent storms of fire and ash. Only recently have secretive expeditions to this land revealed the truth of these stories — most strikingly, a channel of immense enchanted walls. Between intense volcanic islands and vast seas of molten brimstone lies land kept pristine and untouched — yet mysteriously abandoned nonetheless."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Ruphus_Isle.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Ruphus Isle"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Ruphus_Isle.cfg:8
msgid "Players must navigate the dispersive terrain of this small but topographically dense island."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Silverhead_Crossing.cfg:38
msgid "teamname^Shapeshifter"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Silverhead_Crossing.cfg:52
msgid "Nani the Shapeshifter"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Swamp_of_Dread.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Swamp of Dread"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Swamp_of_Dread.cfg:8
msgid "North of the Great River lies the Swamp of Dread, a vast, inhospitable mire cursed by foul magic. There exist only a few routes that aren't nearly guaranteed entrapment and death. Nonetheless, they are highly sought after as lucrative bridges between the southern flatlands and the rugged north, and intrepid explorers traverse the perilous bogs in search of profitable places to set up trading posts. The largest of these routes, Areth's Pass, is a long-disputed and well-known crossing since the first ancient wars between elves and dwarves. Despite poor land and limited resources, its great strategic value means it is fiercely contested by all with military aims in the Great Continent's heart."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_The_Walls_of_Pyrennis.cfg:7
msgid "2p — The Walls of Pyrennis"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_The_Walls_of_Pyrennis.cfg:8
msgid "When the orcish hordes first began arriving in droves on the Great Continent, one intrepid ruler by the name of Iron-King Olgor set about first uniting the bickering orcish tribes. He sought to conquer the whole of the Continent under the rule of orcs, and commanded the construction of the immense fortress of Pyrennis as a monument to his power. But it was this very citadel that was his undoing — his vassals, unwilling to finish building without their destined conquest complete, turned on Olgor and slayed him, scattering the orcish hosts for centuries to come. The walls of Pyrennis have proved astoundingly indestructible both to time and war — that is, what scattered segments of it were actually completed."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Tombs_of_Kesorak.cfg:7
msgid "2p — Tombs of Kesorak"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Tombs_of_Kesorak.cfg:8
msgid "Hundreds of years ago, the defeated Sorcerer Kesorak was entombed here, along with a number of his followers. An unholy chill now encircles the tombs, and many believe that the voice of Kesorak can still be heard, whispering amongst the withered trees of this barren landscape. Unconcerned by their gloomy surroundings, your leaders have chosen this place to clash."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Tombs_of_Kesorak.cfg:118
msgid "The map contains mausoleums and campfires that shift the time of the day by one step toward night and day, respectively."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/2p_Tombs_of_Kesorak.cfg:121
msgid "The tile in the centre, which contains the casket of the titular necromancer, is always covered in pitch black fog."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/3p_Island_of_the_Horatii.cfg:6
msgid "Controlling the central island is often the key to victory in this 3 player free for all map."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Bath_of_Glory.cfg:7
msgid "4p — Bath of Glory"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Bath_of_Glory.cfg:9
msgid "The distant, legendary city of Malisat is famed for many great works — among its most prized being the enormous complex known as the Bath of Glory. Made to be a relaxing paradise to weary soldiers returning home, the Bath is a stunning oasis built where once was nothing but sand. In time, it has become a city unto its own, with arts and music flourishing about the wild culture centered on the baths. The complex's vastness means flared tempers between wealthy nobles can turn into veritable battlegrounds — but even this has become a form of entertainment woven into the allure of the Bath."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Geothermal.cfg:9
msgid "The western reaches of the Heart Mountains make a land of striking contrasts — boiling volcanic cauldrons weaving deep blue rivers between stark, snowy mountains, dotted with fields of verdant green. This land, though sometimes perilous and unstable, is nonetheless rich thanks to numerous foundries using the heat of volcanoes and hot springs to fuel their forges."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Isars_Cross.cfg:9
msgid "A very small 2 vs. 2 map. Close quarters fighting means the successful rotation of units and planning of moves is important. Teams set for players 1+4 vs. 2+3 (northeast vs. southwest). Designed for 75 starting gold, 20 villages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_King_of_the_Hill.cfg:9
msgid "Controlling the area around the central keep is very lucrative in this 4 player FFA map. Works fine 2 vs. 2 as well. There are 36 villages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Loris_River.cfg:9
msgid "2 vs. 2 map centered around a river with keeps in opposite corners. Designed for players 1+4 vs. 2+3. There are 28 villages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Ruins_of_Terra-Dwelve.cfg:7
msgid "Battle over the legendary treasures of the ancient ruins of Terra-Dwelve. Large multi-fronted 2 vs. 2 set in a vast underground complex."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/4p_Xanthe_Chaos.cfg:9
msgid "A 2 vs. 2 map with auxiliary keeps, and a large messy battle in the center common."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/5p_Auction-X.cfg:7
msgid "4 players surround a central keep, play vs. the AI survival style, or as a FFA or 4 vs. 1. The center player will need more gold in a 4 vs. 1 or FFA, and the best way to determine how much is an auction, LOWEST bid wins. It is a very small map so 75 gold is recommended for the other players."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/6p_Team_Survival.cfg:524
msgid "Congratulations for surviving the map that so many people claim is impossible!"
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/6p_The_Manzivan_Traps.cfg:10
msgid "A 3 vs. 3 map. The Manzivan Traps are widely known as a difficult and confusing area of terrain where it is easy to end up out of position or over extended. Teams set for players 145 vs. 236 (east vs. west). Designed for 100 starting gold, has 33 villages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/6p_Volcano.cfg:9
msgid "A 3 vs. 3 battle to control the ashes of a kingdom long ago collapsed from a volcanic eruption. It has 36 villages."
msgstr ""

#: multiplayer/scenarios/6p_Waterloo_Sunset.cfg:9
msgid "A 3 vs. 3 map. Flexible coordination of your alliance is required to avoid being outnumbered. Teams set for players 145 vs. 236 (north vs. south), but having players 146 or 136 as a team is also interesting. Designed for 150 starting gold, has 44 villages."
msgstr ""

--- Конец кода ---

Частично подправлено. Текущее состояние перевода (файлы во вложении): 89%

3.- wesnoth-help.po
      отвечает за перевод следующих файлов:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---  \core\editor\help.cfg

--- Конец кода ---

Текущее состояние (файлы во вложении): 92%

   wesnoth-lib.po отвечает за перевод следующих файлов и ядра (и за бОльшую часть интерфейса игры) :Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---\data\campaigns\Liberty\utils\bigmap.cfgerty

--- Конец кода ---

Подправлено и обновлено. Текущее состояние перевода (файлы во вложении): 98%

4.- wesnoth-editor.po
      отвечает за перевод следующих файлов:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---\data\core\editor\brushes.cfg

--- Конец кода ---
     в нём отсутствуют переводы всего-навсего такие переводы:Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Код: ---#: data/core/editor/brushes.cfg:63
msgid "Hex Line SW-NE"
msgstr ""

#: data/core/themes/editor.cfg:72
msgid "Load Recent"
msgstr ""

#: data/core/themes/editor.cfg:98
msgid "Unit Facing"
msgstr ""

--- Конец кода ---



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